Black Garden and Departure Lounge

by Jason Eskenazi

RED HOOK EDITIONS announces two new books by Jason Eskenazi: Black Garden & Departure Lounge, completing a trilogy together with his first book Wonderland: A Fairy Tale of the Soviet Monolith. The cycle closes, coming full circle back to the beginning: 314 photos numbered sequentially through all 3 books with 9 chapters.

The Black Garden moves into the mythological world of opposites and duality, and concentrates on three main themes: subjugation of women, domination over the animal kingdom, and self-destruction through war. 154 photographs including 9 panoramics were made from 2001–2017 in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, and New York. The Departure Lounge‘s 83 photographs were culled from Eskenazi’s archive, dating from 1991 to the present. The images investigate how we depart from reality, from friends, and from ourselves, using the Departure Lounge as the metaphorical room from which we leave.

ALSO available are the two books in a special numbered edition of 200, with a signed 8×10 silver-gelatin print (Choice of one of the four above) by master printer Laurent Girard plus shipping.

Available from Red Hook Editions:

Black Garden

184 pages
29 x 21 cm
154 black & white photographs / Tritone
Open spine binding
ISBN 978-0-9841954-6-6

Departure Lounge

184 pages
14.5 x 21 cm
83 black & white photographs / Tritone
Open spine binding
ISBN 978-0-9841954-7-3

Departure Lounge limited edition set, with signed print

(Photos ‐ Turkey ‐ and ‐ Afghanistan ‐ SOLD OUT)

Special Surprise:
In celebration of the arrival of his two new books, Black Garden and Departure Lounge, Jason Eskenazi, has randomly hidden a Golden Seal inside two of the 4000 books printed in Istanbul; one in each title. No one knows at Red Hook Editions which books contain the seals. The Golden Seal can be redeemed from the author for a 16x20 silver gelatin print from his first book Wonderland. It could take a day, or it could take a year, until the books run out, for the Golden Seal to be discovered. Good luck to all!


Your books arrived yesterday, and although I have only had a brief chance to appreciate them I am blown away. As I was walking to work this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. Thank you. Adam

Jason, i had my first contact with the 2 other books of the trilogy. I don't have words for the moment...a good sign ! Thank you for this, Pierre

Had a second read, this is so depth, an abyss...the way you play with pictures. I see the whole trilogy as a long journey which started at the first photograph of wonderland. I’ll come in Istanbul during this year to work on my own book project, would be happy to meet you there if you’re interested. P.

Hello Jason,
I received your books today, just quickly looked through them and I’m impressed, the photos are extraordinary… I know I will keep on coming back to these 2 books in the next few weeks, months….Thanks You, I really appreciate your work and know how much sacrifice, time, energy and talent it needs to achieve this. Konrad

Jason, you have two incredible books. I spent the evening with them yesterday and part of the day today, and want to come back more. DL is heartfelt, genuine, and mysterious. BG is an incredible journey, timeless, familiar and yet beyond the reach of memory. To you my comrade!

Hey Jason. We met at Stanley Greene’s funeral
I just opened the special numbered edition (Lyon, France),br /> Maybe we’ll talk later...
But I just went briefly trough them, and I cried.
So much power and humility in your vision.
A thousand thanks.
Well worth the wait indeed!
Congrats 🙌👏👋

Thank you! Besides the great photos and super editing and sequencing, i really love the message that comes with the books. Especially “Black Garden”. Showing the hard times and the beauty of middle east. Showing the influence of western countries, media and the war and the money loving bustards on this beautiful piece of earth.

Thanks mate, fucking good start for the weekend. ;-)

How possible you can explain what is going on in the World, how possible you can remind people what kind of World we are inn. Here is the book of my dear friend Jason Eskenazi’s, please go for it, that one is historical one, proud of my friend. Bulentk

This series is a masterpiece! Jpvk
You know. I know. We know. fg.

Tell you what would be great to accompany your books, a written book that talks of your experiences taking these pictures. For example what you set out to do, what actually happened instead, where did you stay, who did you meet? There must be some fantastic stories to tell when talking through your process. Just an idea. I know it something I'd love to read and it's very rare to get a good understanding of what goes on behind the lens so to speak. jp

Hey Jason, I meant to write earlier, but I was offline. We received your books which are amazing in all aspects not just the photography! Roi and ufuk have made miracles too. Easily one of the best photo books I have ever seen. Stunning work Jason, honestly I cannot find words to describe it. I think your books have found a nice home😀. Hope to see you sometime soon so you can tell me about the whole project. I can't wait for the reprint of wonderland so I can complete the trilogy. You made us very happy with your books!!! They are perfect Jason, I haven't seen anything as beautiful as these books. Honestly. Big hug, N&Y

Jason, I received Departure Lounge and Black Garden today…amazing! As I turned the pages I was transported to places and people and felt like I was there with you. Each photo unfolded like a short story. What a pleasure to join you in your adventures. Thank you for sharing these gems. All the best, K.D.

Hey, Jason. Got the books of departure lounge and black garden true master piece!!! Congratulations!!! And still need your signature on wonderland Best H.Z.

Congrat, Jason! Very beautiful work in your two latest masterworks! Honestly your 3" of my bookshelf is among my very favorite. S.B.

Hi Jason. Got the books yesterday and love them. Enjoyed going through the pictures and your writing is really fantastic too. Take care...H.H.

Jason, I got home to Whitestone earlier today, and was delighted to find Black Garden and Departure Lounge. I’ve looked through them, and will be spending much more time with them. The books are brilliant, though there’s nothing I can really say that will live up to the work. If you’re in town for a while, it would be good to meet up. JCM

Jason. i got your new books yesterday. They are both great. Worth the wait. BB

Your books are incredible. I don't really have any words. KJ.

Hey Jason, I just received your two books. So amazing to see it transform from the metal boards into print. Congratulations on finishing this leg of your journey! JB

I got my books in the mail recently and they are even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you, Jason! :) CKM

Hey Jason, When I saw you the other night at the opening, I hadn't had the time to look at your books. My daughter went to a party tonight and I finally was able to look at your books. I'm not the most eloquent fellow so I might not be able to do the books justice, but I was really left in a state of awe! There were quite a few photos that I know I could not have taken. I found myself seeing photos that Gene Smith might have taken. If I had seen all of the photos in both books prior to meeting you at ICP, I would have bought several more copies. If you have any more copies which you can spare, please let me know. I'm feeling really stunned, and it has been a long long time since a book made me feel this way. "Other Americas" in 1986 left me in a similar mood. Anyway, I just wish I could've expressed these feelings in person on Thursday, but at least you know that I was totally blown away by your work! MW

Dear Jason,
What a grand surprise!! I was awed by your work. Both the photography, graphics and text. Very sophisticated and yet touching. Thank you so much for sending such a wonderful gift. J.G.